Setting Up To Play:

1) Number of players: minimum of 2, maximum of 6.

2) Assign a 7th participant to act as the Royal Treasurer. The Royal Treasurer will handle all of the gold coins while also handling the payout and receiving. If there isn’t a 7th person then any Monarch can double as the Royal Treasurer.

3) Choose any Monarch as your player’s token.

4) The Royal Treasurer will give 15 gold coins to each participant at the start of the game.

5) Each player will roll the dice to determine the turn order. The player with the highest dice roll moves first followed by the player to their right and so forth.

6) On your turn, roll the dice and begin at the START space. Move the amount of spaces allotted by the dice.

7) Follow the stated action on the space where you land.

The Royal invitations have been sent out

The Goal: Be the first to reach the enchanted castle.
Note* No player is out of the game until there is a winner.

Winning Tip: Bankrupt your opponents to limit their privileges.