your majesty will you take a chance?


• THE MINSTREL: Landing here gives you an opportunity to roll the dice one more time for an extra move.

• RIDES: Feather ride, Fairy ride, Dragon ride, Owl ride, and the Unicorn ride, all of these spaces will give you the

option to move forward for a fee or stay put. Count your steps and use your judgment.

• THE BLACK KNIGHT: You’ll take your chance on this spot. If you roll an even number then you’ll collect from the

Royal Treasurer. If you roll an odd number then you’ll pay the Royal Treasurer.

• THE GRAND HOTEL: If you land on this spot by yourself, you don’t have to pay anything. If someone else lands on that spot while you’re still there, each one of you pays 2 gold coins to the Royal Treasurer.

• THE FIREWORKS ROLL DICE 2X: If you land here, you’ll roll the dice twice and add the dice roll results together which will equal the number of gold coins that the Royal Treasurer will give to each one of the Monarchs. However, when your total dice roll result is 9, then all of you will receive nothing.

• THE JOUSTING CHALLENGE: Pick your opponent. Each Monarch will roll the dice. Whoever has the higher roll will receive 5 gold coins from the opponent.

• THE HEART CHANCE/ OPTION TO BUY: Favors the Monarchs with enough gold coins to spend. Only effective when you land on this spot. You can buy the Enchanted castle for 40 gold coins and proclaim yourself as the WINNER. The game ends when you are able to buy the Enchanted castle.